Results From Playing Every Hero

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Results From Playing Every Hero

Postby wiwup » Fri May 17, 2019 4:12 am

This is my results from playing every hero in the game. I didn't count the game if it was under 30 minutes or if the teams were unbalanced but about halfway through I was replaying heroes three times so I counted any game played. Based off of my results I think zerg is 100% best race and toss is worst race and this is confirmed through my months of research. I also have SS of all the games for fun. None of these games were IH or IH level mayby one of them at best was pubhouse level.

100% winrate

Zerglings (win)
Queen (win)
Drone (win)
Defiler (win)
Muta (win)
Brood (win)
Viper (win)
Ravager (win)
Banelings (win)
Hydra (win)
Overlord (win)
Bruta (win)
Corruptor (win)
Hybrid Reaver (win)
Fatty (win)
Abberation (win)
Roach (win)
Lurker (win)
Infestor (win)
Nydus Worm (win)
Ultralisk (win)
Swarm host (win)
Devourer (win)
Brood Queen (win)

79% winrate

Marine (win)
Firebat (win)
Ghost (win)
Badshit (win)
Spec (win)
Goliath (win)
Herc (win)
Marauder (win)
Reaper (win)
Predator (win)
Thor (win)
Warhound (win)
Raven (win)
Cyclone (win)
Medic (win)
SCV (win)
Vulture (win)
Ares (loss)
Viking (win)
Diamondback (win)
Valkyrie (loss)
Liberator (loss)

70% winrate

Zealot (win)
Sentry (loss)
Probe (win)
Dark Archon (loss)
Nix (loss)
Carrier (win)
Tempest (win)
Adept (win)
Dark Zealot (win)
High Templar (loss)
Preserver (win)
Immortal (win)
Void Ray (win)
Hybrid Destroyer (loss)
Dragoon (win)
Disruptor (loss)
Stalker (win)
Dark Templar (win)
Colossus (win)
Reaver (win)
Oracle (win)
Corsair (win)
Arbiter (win)

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