Strong Hero Synergies & Combos

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Strong Hero Synergies & Combos

Postby Ixidor » Wed Mar 01, 2017 10:07 pm

Heroes: Oracle + Stalker
Stalker's Wurmhole ult is an extremely powerful global presence that's already pretty strong, especially the longer the game goes on... but combine that with Oracle's Revelation and this tips it to nearly OP levels giving it global vision of every enemy hero for a short duration. Especially enemy Terran teams that rock Ghost/Spectre, this turns every light hero on the map into target practice like Missle Command. This becomes especially trollish late into the game after base defenses are all taken out when Stalker can literally Wurmhole+Nova ontop enemy heroes standing in their own base if it wants to and still manage to get out. Obs vision can accomplish similar affects but its costly, and can be countered... nothing counters Revelation though: You can run, but you can't hide. :mrgreen:

Heroes: Corsair + Team (backdoor)
Protoss backdooring isn't anything new, it's been around since Base Beam all-ins and Void Ray 'Prism' all in warp-ins. The difference is just pullint it off now is harder, especially against Terran when they can dropship in to defend at any second with whole team, so it's more about "how do we get away with it?". Corsair is a great candidate for this because it has a Cloak ability and it can easily be carrying Powerfield item all game, this makes it a prime candidate for a Powerfield all-in if needed.
Most teams will have towers and detection around the mid, but one thing they don't always cover are the top/bottom lanes if you hug the edge of the map. If you can hug the edge and have your team warp back and be on standby, hit cloak and soar right past creepwaves so they don't see and have team drop in front of base and you can end it very fast if you've got 4 buildings down.

Heroes: Arbiter + Carrier (Mass Recall control)
Carrier has some of the best DPS and range in the game, on top of that it's tanky and has great mobility in the air... which is why it's TOO big of a target, I mean it's like a frickin' giant floating punching bag due to this, it might as well have a "bullseye" attached to it on one of its skins :mrgreen: . This is where Arbiter comes into play, Arbiter can have Carrier's back and allow Carrier to overextend at times, push a little further, backdoor, etc.... then second it gets displaced, chain stunned by enemy team, drop the Mass Recall on top of him and help your buddy escape. You can be monitoring him from Beacon or just from the battlefield from a distance. Yes, DT is another hero that is useful for saving but sometimes if you're dealing with things like him getting dweb stunned by a whole team or zerg team with Lurker silk thread'ing Carrier, its even too risky for DT to save him at that point. Arbiter is full proof for this, because Carrier has enough tankiness with Aegis and its slow enough where you can make use of Recall to bail him out when needed.

Heroes: Reaver + Dark Templar (buddy system)
This is similar to the one above, you have a "High Risk/Reward" hero with vulnerabilies that you can play around with the right comp. DT is perfect with Reaver to either swap on Warp Prism LD's or swap + Vortex to save the Reaver itself. I've even done these kind of plays as DT where the enemy team stuns your Reaver to get away and you chase them down with DT and Void Prison, then swap Reaver to launch him forward to burst the enemy down and kill them. There's just a lot of fun plays and synergy with this combo, and its the kind of gameplay I like, really what this game is all about-- playing off the limitations of heroes (versus just more derp heroes with very few downsides ie. Goliath lol)

Heroes: Oracle + Colo
This is a fun synergy taking advantage of Oracle's 'Preordain' (W). Pretty straight forward, as an Oracle player you're gonna be casting Rev to see the map and looking for a gank. As a team if you and your Colo teammate see a hero and go after him, drop a Preordain on the hero above all else ASAP, regardless if that hero escapes or even tries to go back to base, click W right as your Colo catches up and warp them right back to the battlefield (trololol)! Colo's Pyramid is the perfect spell to trap them because the duration is long and the cd is relatively low if you need to drop it again. Oracles job is to Preordain and stay directly on top of hero when it spawns and cast Light of Aiur (E) to disable enemies ability to attack back. This is a very strong combo because it can setup almost "guaranteed kills", it even plays around buyback... you literally can't get more dirty than that, and almost most importantly it gets around enemy 'Blink' heroes like DZ/Stalker who are sometimes slippery enough to just blink out, they have 0% chance to escape with this combo if isolated, it only requires you land Preordain.
Note: if enemy heroes are Air, it goes without saying drop dweb.

Heroes: Dark Archon + Sentry
This is another strong synergy that I think a lot of people overlook in matchmaking, but mid-late game DA works amazing with Sentry when it comes to pushing, you become this unstoppable spamming CC machine that is difficult for enemy teams to want to even get near. Once Sentry hits lvl 3 Hallucinations he can start spamming mass Colossus hallucinations, that backed with the DA's Aura of Darkness becomes extremely intimidating for enemy team because it becomes very difficult to even target the army, or the DA/Sentry with all the spam, especially with the nonstop fireworks and beams going all over the place. It's actually pretty solid against Zerg teams too-- Zerg really benefits when they can see the enemy and engage with Broodlings and be able to Silk with Lurker/Viper, this makes it so difficult for a lot of zerg heroes to even get near because of Stasis/Maelstrom + Forcefields killing anyone who dares get near and the cloak and halluc units keeping you covered.

Heroes: Viking + Ares
Combining Viking's Cherry Bomb for crowd control and already insane burst with Assault with Ares' Anti-Air Missles + Hellfire Missles, and you've got one hell of a combo (no pun intended). This combo is useful since ARES Anti-Air missles are some of the highest damage output in the game.... WHEN you can utilize it, but with Viking's Cherry Bomb you can knock 1-3 enemy heroes in the air and completely decimate them.

Heroes: Predator + Thor
Predator's Paramagnetic Attraction ult + Thor's Memingjord 'Taunt' ult is one of the most hilarious and trollish combos in the game... if you can pull it off. It sounds quite easy on paper but its like the saying "...once people know the magician's trick, it all starts to fall through", if you do this once everyone will be expecting it so you need to start to get really crafty about pulling it off.
I'm gonna' tell you how: The trick is to FORCE the enemy team into a position where they have to overcommit, the best way is simply "Dom Thor". As Thor start using Domination and gaining control of like 6-8 Stalkers/Roaches/Tanks/etc. and push right up the gut with your team behind, this will force enemy team to have to eventually 4v1 him and stun, this is the cue for Pred to dive in with Pounce and Paramagnetic scooping up their entire team, at this moment Thor will Ult and your Ghost/Raven/etc. team come in and burst while they're completely forced into attacking Thor.
Note: Make sure to get Psi Disruptors and speed with Pred, its important to get them to "stick". This type of combo really benefits from being on TeamSpeak because the timing has to be right.

Heroes: Goliath + Banshee
Terran used to have a bad rep for falling short when it comes to "team fights" (not sure if that's the case), but you will never have that problem with this annoying synergy! Goliath is hands-down (this isn't even debateable) the strongest waveclearer/lane pusher in the game, but with his Shield Matrix (W) he can be an absolute pain in the ass to kill him and any teammate underneath it with the insane physical damage reduction. Combine that with Banshee spamming Suppression Drones, one of the strongest crowd control spells in the game, and enemy team will be struggling to land any damage in team fights. This combo is very strong in maps like Desert where you're just trying to push down the gut and end it, it can break late game turtles so well too... one weak spot Terran can have with Siege Tank is that its sooo good defending its own half, but is more limited when it has to actually move forward and push to win, Goliath & Banshee give such strong synergy for pushing and closing a game.

Heroes: Lurker + Fatty
This is a really funny and almost kind of trollish combo that actually works pretty well (tested lol). Using Lurker to engage with Broodling + Silk Thread + Impale is pretty good on its own... yet sometimes it isn't quite enough. Add to that Fatty's 'Ingest' (Q) skill to swallow enemy hero and walk them into cannons or just bring them to your team and it pushes it over the edge. This also buys both heroes time to get Scourges out if its an Air hero like Viking/Carrier to smash face soon as it spits out.

Heroes: Infestor + Hybrid Reaver
Infestor is a super powerful hero, with its ability to generate an army with Neural and end games quickly. However just the fact that it's so powerful makes it vulnerable to a lot of ganks-- one really strong synergy is Hybrid Reaver 'Projenitor Form' ult at lvl 14 shields all allied units, including infestor Neural units and Infested Terran spawns. There's nothing more hilarious than having like 20 Infested Terrans spawn into enemy base, all with a huge green shield attached to them :mrgreen:

Heroes: Defiler + Drone (the unbeatable Spine!)
This is just another classic strong synergy, you take the super high damage of Drone being able to push mid utilizing Spine Form and its drone swarm (Q)... throw in Defiler its Dark Swarm to give you both 75% damage reduction from physical attacks and you got one strong combo. Once you have Lurker to Silk enemy units toward their death it gets even worse. This is a strong push combo and good for late game finishing. The biggest thing you wanna look out for is displacement effects like DT/Nix or enemy Lurkers, and also mass CC like Vik Cherry Bomb or HT/Preserver hitting you with their bubble/stuns. This is very strong against enemy assassin lineups though, if anyone attempts to go in Defiler can pop its Ult and melt most heroes or chase them away

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