How to lane against siege tank hero?

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How to lane against siege tank hero?

Postby somen00b » Sat Apr 16, 2016 10:10 pm

It feels like there isn't a good way to do anything other then get pushed back if you have a siege tank hero in the same lane against you, at least early game. Perhaps I'm failing the rock paper scissors of hero matchups?

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Re: How to lane against siege tank hero?

Postby XanKortalHA » Sat Apr 16, 2016 11:17 pm

It depends on the map...?

If you are on desert, then siege is pretty much the king in middle, and there's not much rock/paper/scissors going on until later on or until someone else gets the opportunity to gank him.

On other maps, a good strategy I've found is to use surprise tactics, or to exploit its immobility. Some examples include using overlords disease cloud, preserver ice prison, or phoenix graviton lift (while using terrain to limit his line of sight on you) to pull him to less than beneficial locations.
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Re: How to lane against siege tank hero?

Postby Consilience » Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:54 am

I'll assume it's a regular lane matchup and not vs a solo mid tank on desert. Don't worry about "beating" tank - the range is too much for most heroes to compete early. Just focus on getting experience, minerals and avoiding the 1st port before you can afford a nydus, warp prism or afterburners being purchased. If tank is denying you with its range, use your hero to split the creep waves and stay out of range of tank's auto-attack. You may level slightly slower depending on how good you are at splitting waves, but it's ok as long as you're leveling and not dying. Once you have a warp or nydus, if your hero has an aoe ability, you can run up and clear waves and go heal at base ev 1-2 waves. If you have a soft hero, once tank gets level 7, i'd gtfo of that lane and roam unless you can absorb a tank ultimate to the face.

Edit: contrary to what many people say, tank is not king on desert solo mid. It has a huge terrane advantage, gets fed on double waves and can one shot heroes early mid games, but it loses to several heroes. I've never actually seen a tank beat a solo mid ovie. Festor, probe, HT and tempest have beaten competent tanks. VR prob wins half of the time, especially if tank doesn't max AA before 7. There are tons of other heroes that haven't been tested. Drone would prob rekt tank as well.
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Re: How to lane against siege tank hero?

Postby ArtVandelay » Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:54 am

I play drone a good amount and it beats tank easy. Brood item and drone swarm will trash it fast

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Re: How to lane against siege tank hero?

Postby Nubbins » Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:39 am

The thing most people don't realize about tank is that it's splash aoe is horrible and it's damage does not scale well. The majority of aoe heroes can clear a double wave faster than tank, especially since marines are aoe food.

Some heroes I would gladly pick to 1v1 siege tank are:
-High Templar
-Void Ray

A lot of heroes. Of course if your allies start feeding tank kills and it gets a range advantage on you it gets much harder.
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