HA Strats (Translated by John) Updated Nov. 16

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HA Strats (Translated by John) Updated Nov. 16

Postby Huxley » Sun Aug 02, 2015 3:44 am

First of all, I really appreciated to my man John translate this.

HA Strats:

1. Queen with infested colony:
Queen is a really good farm hero, as you can gain income easily allowing you to buy all items and upgrades as necessary. Infested colonies are a great item that the queen can utilize to drop creep tumors. Queen can use the infested colonies along with her ability to gain map control. Ur allies may be able to sell speed boosters and get a more effective item with the benefits of the creep spread. She could put big tumors from its skill and start dropping tons of them. However, the speed booster as an amazing buff in teamfights. Once you spread enough tumors with your colonies you may remove the ones initially placed with the Queen's q ability. She is also awesome at turtling. Put ur nydus attackers (W) around ur main instead of upfront. The enemies may easily kill ur nydus attackers with massive DPS even with the queen having massive stats. This strat works on any zerg heroes but i would suggest some farm and could have lots of income heroes as brood, mutal, zergling, infest, queen, nydus worm, and drone.

2. Enhanced cellular life (+ 25% HP zerg):
Get this item when some nasty enemies r turtling and to prevent getting 1 shot by nix, brood and other broken heroes. When the enemies r turtling, they may focus fire you. This item helps you become more tanky.

3. OV Q skill, changelings:
I saw nasty aids do this to me xD
Massing changelings can cause unexpected deaths(Q). 5~7 is enough to frustrate your opponents as well as to secure a kill.
I was wondering what happened first when I played hellion.. NASTY

4. zerg glaive wurms item:
Get this item if ur melee zerg heroes ASAP. It helps getting more income fast which heroes are brood, queen, brutalisk, lings, lurker, HR, ultralisk have all benefits. Have to get razor mid&late match instead of wurms or keep it for pushing. Not that good at teamfights but can easily clear obs even just standing above them.

5. Nydus worm summons BD:
Nydus can gather a lot of summons. Keep them in ur base and put into the nydus canal. If ur able to drop three nyduses front of the enemy base or ur allies, start BD with massive of summons. Enemies might use base ult for killing them all. So, u should remain half of summons behind u. After that considering use all the summons to destroy the buildings.

6. Infested colony overseer:
When ur against cloak heroes, u can try infested colony in zerg, but it needs about 3s. Therefore, u should drop it really carefully. It might get rid of damage from the enemy heroes or the cloak heroes could run away from u easily. I'm suggesting drop overseers when u pushed the lane and near enemy base. So that u could drop it in small area. U may also deny when terran ghost is nuking yall base as well.

7. Tumor spread near front nyduses:
Before buying infested colony, u could spread tumors near enemy base n front near nydus. U will earn 25% speed to ganking hard. Tumor costs 35 income, so it's ok buying a couple of them.

8. Lurker pull:
When u play as lurker hero, it would be good idea using brooding item first and pull. It is because the enemy might get away from ur just pull skill easily. However, still enemy could use droppod easily when u using brood in suddenly.

9. Nydus worm summons in the base:
It prevents BD.

10. Mutal summons with full energy:
U may use nydus canal as a good strat. U can call the summons from the front nydus and get back into the nydus and return to the base. And then heal the energy to full and get into base to front nydus. Now, ur with summons and full energy.

1. Raven missile:
Raven's missile is global range, so it could be used for OP strats. Engage with ur missile prior to landing with your dropship. Shoot ur missile to the main target and go forward by dropship. Engage with lockdown first and drop some nasty raven skills. Try this when u see the enemy HP is low. Ex) The map is desert and enemy has a void ray and are bunker crittering as a raven. The situation is ur main target's HP is low and all the minions r fighting or they r running forward to the tower defeses. U could use the missile, then dropship and do tons of DPS. Lockdown may not even be necessary. You can also just sit and snipe with missiles depending on the situation and based on pings.

2. Marine combat shield (E) skill.
His E skill is pretty amazing in some situations. The bubble slows down all projectiles. U could escape huge damages like raven's missile, terran yamato and other normal range attack. Therefore, u have a chance to avoid them when u hear yamato sound and ur HP is low You can also escape the raven's missile as long as you are aware of the raven's location and the direction that the missile is coming for you. The bubble CD is pretty short, so u should just go back to ur base right away.

3. Terran bunker farming wit 3 or 5 commands center:
Put two bunkers for small critter and 3 bunkers for purpbear (Ursa.) And then drop supplies around bunkers and u just need to keep dropping 1 or 2 mules on each of them to repair them. U should watch them once at least, so that ur bunkers don't get destroyed

4. Terran command scan FTW (5~7):
The scan really helps to search enemies and escape potential threats. U can see wider and take action first. It works well with raven's missile to snipe heroes or minions. Supply depots can also help with creep control as well as for vision. It also may slow down the opponents as other heroes would be forced to attack the supplies prior to moving forward. I feel save and comfortable when the supplies r around base.

5. Terran Concussive attacks item (15% chance stun for 0.5s):
This works pretty good on viking, marine, FB, ares, and reaper. Those heroes are highly recommended fast atk or atk double. Especially ares could stun AA easily with AA attack skill (R). IMO on reaper, i felt that it's kind of wasting time holding an enemy using ID already and then berserk (E). U could just use berserk first with stun item, after that dropping ID and auto attack. that would do deal more.

6. Hellion DM on beacon:
Hellion has sort of weak body, so it's benefit to having DM FTW. U can just use DM on beacon and rush. The DM duration is pretty long (20s) and hellion can reach to middle like in 5s. It does not matter u use dropship to going middle somewhere line. U'll have around 13s being tanky and burning all the things. I have been enjoying using DM on beacon other type of heroes as well. Also, turning off fire trail (T) on beacon would filling up energy to max quickly. Therefore, the main thing is u could starting with DM for 13s and full energy.

7. Terran dom at 15m 30s:
15m 30s is good to start farming with enemy AA creep. Just dom AA to farming places everywhere. If u pushed lanes hard, considering put dom units near enemy critter farms. Since, u have done with it, u can remove dom to better item, dom units wont die unless enemy attacks them. Also, im strongly suggesting that keep dom and put units above critters head even enemies r keep disturbing ur farms. Just keep dom and when u done, remove dom item to good one. It will give u a lot of stats. It's kind of annoying if u die and dom units turn to enemy creep but ull have more income than not farming. Also if ur against zerg, mostly ull dom mutal but it has bound attack which is pretty annoying spreading all the critters. Therfore, 2 dominated mutals r good way to killing all the critters in time generally.
The best example of it.

8. Dmatrix reaper berserk:
Reaper got such a weak body so use Dmatrix b4 yall gonna use berserk on an enemy. Without Dmatrix sounds to me like suicide yourself without any protections on u. The main problem is enemy is not alone and mostly other enemies r behind him. Nevertheless, try use berserk if u feel safe or use command its scans searching enemies. According akuma, u can smart click(right click) to focus berserking to ur target even enemy creep r near by u.

9. Ghost fake nuke:
When i reach lvl 7, keep cloaking n rush to enemy base to snipe towers. 1 or 2 time is enough IMO. U can also keep fake nuking on ur base beacon, so enemy might get confusing when u drop real nuke on enemy base.

10. Pred base nuke&rush into battlefield with ult:
Now, base nuke does not damage allies, so pred ult fits in this strats. If ur about to do teamfight each other, drop half of map base nuke near enemies, press ult and jumping by Q. Before u rush through, try lD stun heroes n use Dmatrix on u or ask allies. Even or not, it doesnt really matter. After that enemies HP r pretty much low and u may almost die received dps from 3~5 enemies. However, allies hehind u help KS.

11. Hellion skill:
U can make enemies could not escape with hellion W. Drop lD first on enemy and keep burning with its fire trail and E skill potential. The enemy will try run away from u so u can use W for keep attacking. So that enemies have no chances to escape from u.

12. Terran dropship:
Terran has pretty good transport system compare to other races. Terran could go to the base by dropship so every single terr heroes could have other good item instead dropod. In my experience, it takes real skills and might annoying that taking time while on dropship to the base but still decent strats that having 1 more good item. I have been always thought that 1 more inventory would be super awesome to all the races.

13. Terran dom for early income:
Dom with u may roll as DA n infest which is like MC units. The cost have been increased to 600 but still nice. Prob 10mins u could have it and starting feed. Makes sure heroes should not have AoE or weak AoE skills like medic n thor.

14. Rauder barrel spread for vision:
U can control barrel to explode itself or control yourself. U may allow spread barrels all over the places for just small vision just like obs work.

15. Terran early heal item:
In early game, u may keep terran heal item as strong survival ability. It really helps and 3 or 5 is enough to go on.

16. Dropship cancels spec's infinity stun:
If u got terran and ur against terran with spec, try use dropship as canceling spec's Q. I'm not sure it's a bug or something.

17. Having yamato with command its scan:
First of all, i cant believe that how command's scan is useful as hell. When u trying to yam on one target, u must need sight or not, it will be canceled. Use scan for the vision for not getting canceling. Ex) Ghost. Drop LD, EMP, snipe and drop yam. Using yam needs about 3s and enemy might get out of ur sight. Therefore, scans help u keep ur yam.

18. Marine summons in the bunkers:
Spread the bunkers around the base. Put the summons in the bunkers for massive defensing. It will be preventing BD effectively and it is great that put the summons in the bunkers for not dying from AoE skills like nova.

19. Terran dom is the base:
Terran dom units r good as well as DA MC units. Dom can also prevents BD. However, do not put in the base a lot. 4 would be great IMO. It's good that any heroes but u should not really die a lot since dom units will be turned to enemies when u r died. Therefore, some tank heroes r great fit into it. Especially when u died with ur dom in the base and if ur against toss, stalker with PF might do huge damage on the buildings with some burst dps heroes like DZ. Also just using warp prism as fast transport might give enemies a chance to BD as well.

20. Don't use dom against toss late-game:
Don't use dom late-game against only toss cuz of PF. Stalker with PF would call his allies for BD as well as just warp prism. Instead of using dom, just try to use 5 bunkers for each farms since u have a lot of income from the creep and an expo. So, the situation should be that u have pushed all the lanes hard against toss and they have no chances to BD. Only late-game dom farm does give toss lots of chances to BD hard.

1.Void prism (w) skill:
Void W skill is a decent transporting system. It is just like an obelisk and it works as a building. Ur allies could transport on it and even yourself if u warp on it really fast.

2. Sentry's force field and colo pyramid(Q) with stasis field:
I found playing the sentry and colo with stasis field as a deadly combo. However, I saw some players miss their enemies when using sentry's force field and colo pyramid(Q). Colo might trap an ally and enemy together. The best solution would be trying to use stasis field first in hero fights. It makes it much easier to trap enemy heroes. Also, use it when you feel that you need to escape or to engage enemies.

3. Two warps FTW:
Buy two warps not just one. You won't have to worry about sitting and waiting for the cooldowns to finish. Also, move the warp close to the where upgrade building is next to the beacon.

4. Archon with psitrous oxide:
I found it's really essential with archon ult, super fast movement. It also reduces the CD and increases the speed 20%. It allows archon to run away with his ult from some threats as well as potential attacks.

5. DA deadly stunning pattern combo:
The DA can use nightmare(E), ult, stasis, and nightmare again. While u r stunning a enemy hero, do damage with ur MC units and maybe feedback(Q) twice allowing you to kill the opponent with the pattern.

6. Immotal soul channel:
Immo R skill (30% chance stun) works really well with soul channel. U could stun an enemy by using it as stunning. The chance per stun is pretty high so that u could holding an enemy pretty good.

7. Get stasis if heroes need an escape:
If toss heroes which is not having any stun skills, stasis is good way to run away. Even i carry stasis on archon in some case.

8. Toss Dweb:
Im really really strongly suggesting that get Dweb if ur toss against even there is a single AA hero. They will start complaining to u when u get it.

9. Deny soul channel:
U can easily cancel soul channel by just stunning or get away from it.
Ex) Ground viking W skill.

10. AA toss with DT hero against toss:
I'm sick of Dweb so writing this one. First of all, DT hero swap(W) makes Dwebed ally to normal form. Therefore, i always ask for some AA heroes if i choose DT to allies or the other way.

11. DT skills:
It's better to get swap and Q first instead of cloack.
At 15m30s, 4 buildings r coming and ull get more exp for cloack later on. Swap and Q r just way worth than cloack early game since we dont have enough dps to kill down. Swap will get range every skill leveling and it's just awesome that ganking, saving allies, and even yourself.

12. Project name- Protect HT:
Stay close with HT, yall get energy.

13. DA MC in the base:
Late-game DA MC units r really getting strong from its stats. So, it's nice that put some in the base for preparing BD. I would mind to see 4~6 MC units around. Also, u don't have to worry it's dying like terran dom.

14. Zealot summons in the base:
It helps preventing BD just like DA MC units, terran dom, marine in the bunkers and nydus worm summons.

All the races
1. BD potential:
I'm not quite sure with terran but toss and zerg both have effective transporting items. Toss may have stalker with pf, void's prism (W), as well as the potential to have any other hero carrying pf. Zerg also has nydus that may allow your team to drop near the enemy base to snipe buildings with razer swarm. Infest, roach, and mutalisk are great nydus carry heroes.

2. Good idea when enemies are turtling:
When enemies are turtling hard, it's almost unbeatable. That's why, there's two ideas that u could just step back and wait for enemies coming to middle spot. The another one is if u have chosen DA or terran race (DA MC and terran domination). Makes sure u don't die in terran. U could block ur base ways. I'm pretty sure that 4 or 5 small critters are enough to blocking. And then, go rush with them when minions are all maxed. Before that, enemies will be noticed and tried to kill the critters. Therefore, u should gank them with your mates while they are coming. Also, if you r against terran, they might use air strike to the critters that u were blocking. So, when u get attacked from it, just open the ways and try to snipe the main base or ganking first of all.

3. Nydus&Bunker play(Only terran and zerg):
Those r such nasty strats transporting to base. Nydus costs 150 so it should roll mid&late game. U may use it instead of drop pod or just have it with drop pod for surviving. However u should think that it's worth dying more n wait respawn 1m than use 150 and get more income in 1m which is respawning time in late-game time. It's ez to use thou, if u in emergency drop nydus n get into it in 1s.Bunker is also sick as nydus rolls. U should have it early game not mid&late cuz enemy will have different types of atk n spell skills on u and they do massive dps on bunker. If u in danger, drop bunker n get into it, while enemy attacks the bunker, come out and then use drop pod right away, ezpz. Alslo, u have to try payback it b4 destroyed.

4. Super hard carry heroes:
Im very strongly suggest mastering those heroes first.
Raven- Massive dps from skills, bunker farm with SV, and R skill as global range.
Hellion- Speed n E skill as massive additional dps.
DA- Creepy stuns and MC units.
Stalker- Blink, ult with nova(fast creep clear hero), auto attack is also awesome which is decease armor. (My favorite hero entire of game)
DZ- Blink and ult with nova.
Infest- Fungal(speed reduction) and MC units. Weak against zerg cuz creep is weak enough.
Brood- EZ one-shot hero and E, Q and scourge is also great against AA heroes.
Mutal- Only against zerg, it's ok if theres no viking in terran, toss Dweb OP!!! Carrying like sensor tower sight and summons r decent.
Nix- Not against only toss Dweb n lifting OP.
Zealot- Got all farms, pretty good dps n Q movement OP as hell. Just try this hero.

5. Early income farm:
Get each races tank, obelisk and spore cannon first. place a tank on the cliff. Earn 200 income for warp prism from an obelisk and warp on it ASAP as well as buy nydus on zerg after buying a spore cannon. 3 obelisks n spore cannons r fine farming one spot. Also u may move ur obelisk to the base when enemies attack them.

6. Not carrying detection heroes:
Archon- Q skill
HR- Malevolence (Not really)
Lurker- Q slow skill (Not really)
Defier- plague (Not really)
Ghost- EMP (Sometimes)
Raven- SV
Medic- E skill but not really, hard to hit em.
Mutal- W skill
Overlord- W skill
banshee- W skill
Tank- Scan

7. Fed summons farm by lings and pred:
If ur fed by lings and pred about 40~60 stats, u could put a couple of summons to farming. Put around 2~3 lings on the farms and just 1 pred summon on the farms as well. I felt pred dps comes from 4 summons, so just put 1 pred summon. After that, patrol them for income.

8. Sight item OP:
I've been always thought that having sight is really important and essential like towers, terran command center's scans and observer of toss. What sight item does is ur having 4 more range sight that could see an attack coming from an enemy and u see an enemy first attacking. For me, i'm having fun carrying it until 5~30mins. Especially on ghost, carrier, tempest, tank and all AA heroes. It's great timing since they got all long range themselves from their skills.

9. AoE item:
Get AoE item if ur no good at AoE skills and caster heroes which is having a lot of energy.
Especially, DT has nothing about AoE skills, so it's better get dps and armor than nova as AoE with energy upgrade to 3. I've been always thought that 3 upgrade with nova on DT is sick to move to the battlefield. And then start considering others and items. But, make sure that the creep wave is with 4 buildings on 15m30s. Also infest has lots of energy that can have razor as burst dps first. For the tip that u should hit double waves with each AoE items in the races as possibly u can. Desert map mid is good enough.

10. Core items:
Protoss- Protoss relic(Gives the hero a 15% chance to deal double damage):
Nix, archon, void, and corsair.
Zerg- Glaive wurms:
Roach, brood, lurk, brutal, queen nydus, swarm host, zerglings, banelings, and mutal.
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Re: Sensitive play and tips.(Translate by John)

Postby ArtVandelay » Sun Aug 02, 2015 4:07 am

Depots also stop lings from jumping cliff into your base. Can buy you a few seconds to watp back and gank

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Re: Sensitive play and tips.(Translate by John)

Postby Huxley » Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:31 am

Indeed, good point. Also, placing some tanks near main base prevents killing lings' summons :)

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Re: Sensitive play and tips.(Translate by John)

Postby Athena » Mon Aug 03, 2015 1:44 am

5: Void prism (w) skill:
Void W skill is a decent transporting system. It is just like an obelisk and it works as a building. Ur allies could transport on it and even yourself if u warp on it really fast.

This is excellent and we use this in Defy. Part of our super strats book edition 1. One thing I haven't seen lately that I've used plenty times in the past (and learned it from someone who mained void ray who was considered top HA3X on players at one point until they quit) is using psit on 1v1 VR mirror matches on lane. It allows for easy escape as well.
Ignoring nonsense.

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