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[Hero] HERC


Relatively tanky Terran support hero with a powerful grapple ability

Base stats

Model: HERC
Race: Terran
HP: 300
Armor: 2
Energy: 175
Speed: 2.25
Attack Damage: 20
Attack Speed: 1.8
DPS: 12.22
Attack Range: 6
Targets: Ground


Resonance (Q)
Slows the attack speed of an enemy unit for 8 seconds. If the target moves within 4 range of the HERC hero,
it takes damage over time.
Cost: 40
Range: 9
Cooldown: 12

Level 1: 20% attack speed slow, 4 damage per second.
Level 2: 30% attack speed slow, 6 damage per second.
Level 3: 40% attack speed slow, 8 damage per second.

Drakken Drill (W)
The HERC hero powers up its drill, gaining a temporary melee attack that deals 60% bonus damage to the primary target and splash onto enemy targets in a cone behind the target equal to HERC's original attack damage.
Cost: 30 energy
Level 1: 2 attacks, 30 sec cooldown.
Level 2: 4 attacks, 20 sec cooldown.
Level 3: 6 attacks, 10 sec cooldown.

Nanite Augments (E)
Releases a cloud of nanites. Nanites attach themselves to all units in a radius of 5. Nanites grant HERC and allied units 50 shields. Additionally grants 10% spell resistance as long as shields are active.
Cost: 60 energy
Cooldown: 10

Level 1: 4 second duration.
Level 2: 6 second duration.
Level 3: 8 second duration.

Reactive Armor (R)
Increases the HERC hero's base armor. If the HERC hero is stunned, the armor explodes and purges all debuffs while dealing damage in a radius of 3.
Level 1: +0.75 armor, 30 damage. Once every 15 seconds.
Level 2: +1.5 armor, 40 damage. Once every 10 seconds.
Level 3: +2.25 armor, 50 damage. Once every 5 seconds.

Grapple (T)
The HERC hero fires a grappling hook at target unit. The HERC is pulled towards the unit, dealing 60 (+6/lvl) damage on impact and stunning on arrival of enemy.
Cost: 70
Cooldown: 30
Level 1: 2 second stun, 9 range.
Level 2: 4.5 second stun, 12 range.

Patch 2.15
HERC Hero:
-Base health increased from 275 -> 300
-Drakken Drill energy cost decreased from 40 -> 30
-Grapple can now target air units. (Works similarly to broodling Q)
-Grapple now stuns on hero impact instead of on latch. Still damages on latch.
Patch 2.11
-Drakken Drill primary target attack bonus increased from 40% -> 60%

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