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[Hero] Roach


Tanky Zerg assassin with burrowing attacks and rapid health regeneration

Base Stats
Race: Zerg
Model: Roach
Hit Points: 300
Energy: 100
Armor: 2
Movement Speed: 2.25
Model: Roach
Damage: 21
Attacks: 1
Attack Speed: 1.6
Range: 4

Roach Abilities

Corrosive Acid (Q)
Spits corrosive acid onto an enemy, causing damage in a radius of 0.75. The target/s also take amplified damage from all sources for 10 seconds.
Range: 5
Energy Cost: 40
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Level 1: 27 (+2.7/lvl) damage, additional 20% damage amplification on recurring attacks.
Level 2: 40 (+4/lvl) damage, additional 30% damage amplification on recurring attacks.
Level 3: 54 (+5.4/lvl) damage, additional 40% damage amplification on recurring attacks.

Roach Rage (W)
Temporarily increases the roach's range and attack speed for 5 seconds. During this ability the Roach is allowed to hit air units.
Energy Cost: 25
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Level 1: +1 range, +20% attack speed.
Level 2: +2 range, +30% attack speed.
Level 3: +3 range, +40% attack speed.

Rapid Regeneration (E)
Increases life regeneration by scaling life per second. Roach also converts of damage taken into energy.
Level 1: +1 hp per second, converts 1% of damage taken into energy.
Level 2: +2 hp per second, converts 3% of damage taken into energy.
Level 3: +3 hp per second, converts 5% of damage taken into energy.

Glial Reconstruction (R)
Increases the roach's movement speed.
Level 1: +18% movement speed
Level 2: +36% movement speed
Level 3: +54% movement speed

Tunneling Claws (T)
Hotkey: T
Cost: 50
Cooldown: 10

Passive: Roach hero gains burrow and is able to move at 80% of its normal speed underground. At lvl 2 Roach is able to burrow under cliffs.
Active: Allows the roach hero to inflict (60/100) melee damage on a single target, which scales with the hero's level. The roach hero regenerates 50% of the damage dealt and the target is slowed by (15/30%) for 8 seconds. Also allows the roach to burrow underground and become invisible. While burrowed, Roach moves at 80% its normal movement speed.
Level 1: 60 (+6/lvl) damage, enemy is 15% slowed. Roach gains burrow movement.
Level 2: 100 (+10/lvl) damage, enemy is 30% slowed. Roach may burrow move under cliffs.

Patch 2.32
-Roach Rage health cost decreased from 30% -> 15% current health.
-Roach Rage can no longer be casted when burrowed. Buff is automatically paused when burrowed.
Patch 2.31
-Rapid Regeneration bonus increased from 5% -> 15%. (bug fixed where leaching additional 10%)
Patch 2.29
-Rapid Regeneration regen bonus decreased from 10% -> 5%.
Patch 2.28
-Roach Rage duration and cooldown reduced from 10 -> 6
-Roach Rage life cost increased from 20% -> 30% current health
Patch 2.23
-Rapid Regeneration regen bonus decreased from 15% -> 10%.
Patch 2.22
-Rapid Regeneration regen bonus decreased from 25% -> 15%.
-Roach Rage now allows roach to attack ground as well as air units while burrowed when active.
-Roach Rage can now be casted while burrowed
Patch 2.20
-Roach Rage duration increased from 5 -> 10. Cooldown increased from 5 -> 10
-Roach Rage energy cost removed. Now costs 20% of current hp.
-Rapid Regeneration energy regen removed. Now increases regeneration by 25% when below 75% / 75%,50% / 75%,50%,25% health.
Patch 1.116
-Level 1 Tunneling Claws damage decreased from 80 -> 60

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